[The Story] Districts of Eville

If “The Story” uses Seattle, Washington, as a primary location for inspiration gathering, how closely should its fictional metropolis, Eville, emulate Seattle? You have the International District, University District, Pike Place Market, Space Needle area, “Pill Hill,” Fremont, SoDo, and many more highly-individualized locations that are each just a little different than its neighbors. Though they probably won’t admire the architecture, I imagine John [center] and Trishna [right] will enjoy adventuring through their big city!

Spoilers?: Minor (world-building and scene-building) WANNA CONSIDER HOW REALITY CAN INFLUENCE ART? CLICK HERE TO KEEP ON READING!

[Thrifting Adventures] 75% Off Books

I had to see it one last time, even though I’d only been there maybe three times over ten years. I heard that the Half Price Books in Seattle’s University District would be closing on April 9th 2017, so I went to pay respects in this introductory post of Thrifting Adventures. We’ll reminisce, briefly cover what I got, and dig into some reasons why we should still support local bookstores even if they’re not practical.

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