[The Story] Shall… We Update?

I realized two things since my last update on The Story. I need to be writing as much as I possibly can and I don’t have a formal sell for “what it’s all about.” Maybe it’s a massive oversight that I only just started to dig into “the why” of why it’s an important story to tell. There are so many stories out there. So what? Why bother throwing effort into this idea, rather than say try to build my career or live comfortably?

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[The Story] Grime and Glitter

Maybe I won’t write weekly about The Story. (My ambitious project that I’ve been planning since high school.) Occasional updates will keep me focused on engaging in material that will inform or help me practice writing material that may eventually contribute to The Story. I’ll outline the summary of the progress I’ve made since my last update after the quick photograph of the two Star Wars characters I’ll modify to reflect the characters John and Trish[n]a:

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The Story: Behind The Post

Writing last week about (working title) The Story helped me focus on brainstorming new ideas. Maybe I’ll turn this into a weekly feature? There is the problem that once you write an idea, it may be pinned down to that iteration rather than given a chance to fully develop, so there is the balance between spending years coming up with fully developed ideas like I have been doing and just saying “here are some rough drafts, and they’ll probably change once I’m ready.”

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The Story: “Hey, Chicken Foot!”

After re-kindling my efforts toward writing The Story, I’ve been using idle time to brainstorm ideas about character and plot. I came up with their names in high school: John and Trisha. John is intentionally like John Doe. Trisha’s name isn’t set yet because her character has been becoming much more complex over the years, including what I’ll cover below.

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