[Keyboard Kommander] Brainstorming Story Mode

The first of a proposed 12 short stories, fleshing out the world of Keyboard Kommander, is complete! The next few Saturdays will reveal a story arc that will be unlocked in-game. We’ve been brainstorming realistic short term and the fantastic long term story mode ideas. Don’t worry! There won’t be any spoilers below. I’ve grafted the spoiler tags from my own project, “The Story,” to be sure. Here’s the spoiler-free update for our short term plans:

Spoiler Warning Scale: None (just general planning!)

[Videogame Review] Shonen Idle Z (Steam)

My alarm would go off. Rather than go back to sleep, I’d jump on the computer to run through my Shonen Idle Z timers. I beat the game after 5 months of letting the idle game run in the background for nearly 1,000 hours. It’s a pretty game in a low-impact, somewhat trivial, genre. Doesn’t that mean it’s functionally useless and valueless? Why not play a more rewarding game? It can teach one big lesson about motivation.

Mechanics Rating: ★★★☆☆ [3/5]
Discipline potential: ★★★★☆ [4/5]

[Videogame Review] Else Heart.Break() (Steam)

The premise is clear within thirty seconds of the trailer for Else Heart.Break(): you’re gonna program some cool stuff! Subtly learning basic programming while modifying a future retro game world? Groovy! Within seven hours of gameplay, however, the execution failed to deliver even a hint of premise, which is unfortunate because with some modification this could have been a great edutainment videogame. This was most “programming” I was able to do:

Are you sure? y/n what?
OK, can’t blame you.

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[Event Overview] Double Fine’s Booth (PAX, 2016)

I became distracted shortly after writing my concert and lecture reviews of videogame expo PAX in September. While eventually writing a preview for 2064: Read Only Memories, which may drop later on this month, the rest still lingers in my “get around to it” backlog. With animation expo Sakura-Con coming up in April, if I conclude any thoughts and templates now, I can be more timely with these features. Why not start with the highlight?

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Videogame Preview: 2064: Read Only Memories (2016)

Read Only Memories piqued my interest with a grimy futuristic city that could have been a lost Sega Genesis classic. I forgot about it after a bargain bundle in May, until a chance September meeting with the game’s developers at their PAX booth, and it is still collecting digital dust. The MidBoss crew insisted that I shouldn’t play Read Only Memories!

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Yard Sale: Project Motherboard

The sign from the road caught my eye. I hadn’t seen any garage or yard sales on craigslist in the area, I wasn’t on a strict timeline, and I needed to check my map app for directions. Two other signs guided me through a friendly neighborhood to a quiet upper-middle-class cul-de-sac. I won’t always stop at a garage sale. I’ll usually glance over the sale and park if there’s anything that catches my eye such as cool or interesting items, toys, tools, or in this case, thin rectangles holding videogames and movies.

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Event Preview: Pre-PAX Post (West, 2016)

Videogame exhibition PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) West is happening Labor Day weekend, from Friday September 2nd through Monday the 5th, at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle. Though I haven’t kept up with newer videogames since college, I enjoyed going in 2014, so I decided to go again. Here’s what I’m looking forward to seeing:

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