Float Tank: Keep Your Job

How can I remain content and motivated in the rat race? How can I keep this excited state of contentment that tends to happen for me between accepting a new job and some months after starting the new job? I just quit my job and got another. So many people I’ve met are miserable, or subconsciously miserable, and I don’t want to keep in that content-misery cycle. How can I surpass that? Those were some of my questions going into the sensory deprivation chamber.

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Concert Review: Wednesday 13 (2nd 2016 show)

I don’t like the idea of bands, or things in general, growing on you with exposure. That means you’ve accepted their flaws and it’s also not going with your gut. The first two times I’d seen horror punk (band) Wednesday 13, something was missing. Well, they found it.

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Float Tank: Quit Your Job

I was unhappy. To reference Csikszentmihalyi‘s Flow Model, I’d fallen from flow at work and into constant anxiety with destructive apathy. The mental challenge was gone. My brain was rotting away. I know myself well enough to know that this leads to bad behavior. Friday morning exploded. The details of the catalytic moment could have one thousand variations. It was at this spot, before I took this photograph, that I realized something needed to change. The four-hour float tank session I’d scheduled for the next morning couldn’t have been better scheduled to help me figure out what I needed to do.

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Toolbox Builds: Gluebox

My favorite pair of shoes are falling apart. They’re past the point of looking professional, and I wanted to repair and customize them, so got this crazy multi-purpose adhesive to try out. I couldn’t sleep two nights ago… so I got the worse shoe, the glue, and learned what not to do. Halfway through, with a hand sticky from glue, a box I did find to prop up the shoe. Another coat of glue and I realized what I should do. Put together a formal glue toolbox and post with further ado.

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Lecture Review: “You Have Died of Dysentery: Meaningful Gaming in Education” (PAX, 2016)

Dropping into a lecture about edutainment games might sound more like an assignment than a highlight of videogame expo PAX, and yet teacher Ashley Brandin presents valuable context to where videogames can grow in “You Have Died of Dysentery: Meaningful Gaming in Education” because we should demand better quality videogames that can provide educational experiences and expect more from videogame developers in terms of how they can use videogames as tools to educate beyond historical facts and typing tutorials.

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Concert Review: VG Pianist, MC Frontalot, Bit Brigade (PAX, 2016)

Videogame expo PAX hosted two nights of concerts over Labor Day weekend. The Friday night line-up consisted of opener Martin Leung the Video Game Pianist, nerdcore rapper MC Frontalot, and headlining the evening was Minibosses-tribute band Bit Brigade. I skipped the Saturday night line-up of Triforce Quartet, 1UPs, and Super Guitar Bros., although with more planning, rest, and effort, I probably could have enjoyed it as much as Friday’s festivities.

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