Movie Review: The Holy Mountain (1973, 100 Words)

Below are one hundred words about why the Holy Mountain is my favorite movie, with spoilers:

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Amazing Heroes: Mutant Mindsurfer’s Dare

In order to live a fulfilling life, you should dare yourself to make decisive decisions based on your own desires, rather than the desires of others. I could have surfed to a networking event that I didn’t really want to attend. The event could have helped me practice flattery to climb the professional ladder or I could have mined for new contacts. I figured I would mutate more value from venerable action figure and comic book store Amazing Heroes, and while I don’t know how that path would have turned out, I don’t regret my choice.

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Movie Review: A Woman Under the Influence (1974)

A Woman Under the Influence is a harrowing yet unfulfilling glimpse into a family suffering from the stresses of 1970s America. Mabel is nervous, awkward, and insecure about herself. Nick switches between concern and control for his wife. Mabel lashes out against a world she doesn’t understand. Nick caves into the pressures of his peers. Their kids know that mommy ain’t right and daddy ain’t fair. Their parents know that they have issues. There is just one problem.

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Yard Sale: Project Motherboard

The sign from the road caught my eye. I hadn’t seen any garage or yard sales on craigslist in the area, I wasn’t on a strict timeline, and I needed to check my map app for directions. Two other signs guided me through a friendly neighborhood to a quiet upper-middle-class cul-de-sac. I won’t always stop at a garage sale. I’ll usually glance over the sale and park if there’s anything that catches my eye such as cool or interesting items, toys, tools, or in this case, thin rectangles holding videogames and movies.

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Event Preview: Pre-PAX Post (West, 2016)

Videogame exhibition PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) West is happening Labor Day weekend, from Friday September 2nd through Monday the 5th, at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle. Though I haven’t kept up with newer videogames since college, I enjoyed going in 2014, so I decided to go again. Here’s what I’m looking forward to seeing:

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Concert Review: Anti-Flag (acoustic, 2016)

Since there is never anything truly free in this world, the question was whether hearing a free acoustic concert by punk rock band Anti-Flag at Showbox SoDo would be worth the time and energy costs of attending a political rally.

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Rummage Around: Twenty-Five Cent Screwdrivers

When you’re not in a big hurry, and have some general goals in mind, you may find a better outcome than you’d expected. My work bag needed some cross-head (“Phillips”/Thompson) screwdrivers and I figured it would be a good excuse to stop by my favorite pawn shop. I didn’t urgently need more screwdrivers, so happening into a rather new shop at Pike Place Market called Rummage Around – equal parts thrift store, antique shop, and hoarder’s garage sale – was a nice surprise.

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