[Media Meandry] OneShot 1 of X

Before I began this broadcast of the game OneShot with lempamo, I checked to see how long it would take to beat, and even outside of my Zombiepaperian pace, I knew it wouldn’t be one entry. Still, we made good time as I played and lempamo joined me on a call to chat, advise, and keep the pace going at a good clip. I’m enjoying the game so far, and look forward to finishing it.

I like many elements of the game.

lempamo, who gifted me the game during the Trans podcast, told me that I shouldn’t look up anything about the game. We’re about halfway through the game, maybe a little bit more, and I won’t be revealing any plot information. Instead, I’d like to comment on things that I can comment on. Like how impressive the pixel art, and artistry in general, is, and how cool it is to see a well-polished game like this made in RPG Maker. Last Scenario is the only other RPG Maker game I’ve played through to completion, and whereas Last Scenario uses many generic RPG Maker assets, OneShot barely feels like a RPG Maker game outside of some of the movement at the start.

The music was nice, too.

This is the first time I’ve played music along with any of my videogame broadcasts in months, and lempamo helpfully pointed out a tweet from the game’s composer saying that DMCA Should be fine! The music was a nice addition, and maybe for more niche titles in the future, I might consider having low-volume music accompanying my rambles over the gameplay. I don’t think I’ll do that with my podcasts or any streams where music would not already be there, because DMCA abuse is so common on YouTube that even wholly unique music can still be auto-DMCA claimed by companies with unrelated music, so it’s a game I don’t even want to play, especially as I consider my broadcasts to be “evergreen” content.

This was my first big line-reading of a videogame.

I feel like I did fair overall. I was tripping up over the lines slightly, especially since I wanted to be mindful to lempamo as she was on a bit of a Twitch live-broadcast delay, but eventually, I’ll figure out a good groove when we do the next broadcast to finish off this game, and when I do more line-reading games in the future. The Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom line-reading broadcasts that tuosini and I did is on-hold for a bit, so it will be good to clear off some of the other broadcasting projects I’ve had in mind between now – that my sacroiliac joint injection happened yesterday, and the near future where my doctor and I will figure out if this was the root cause of my issue that started after my surgery almost a year ago.

If so, then it’ll be nice to get my life back on track outside of computer stuff.

If my health continues to improve from here, I will have about 3 months to downsize as much as I can to move into a cheaper apartment. That 3 months will cut into my broadcast schedule, especially as I return to work, but I feel like I can keep a consistent schedule while still doing other activities. I think the reason why I was doing longer, 5- to 6-hour broadcasts, was because I was so incapable of holding down a reliable broadcast schedule that I wanted to dedicate a large chunk of time to broadcasting, rather than “just a short stream.” If my health does improve the way we think it might, then I can pop in for a quick 2- to 3-hour broadcast before doing other activities, which will help me decrease the need to focus on completing large amounts of a project.

Hopefully, this will lead to a more balanced lifestyle going forward.

I like the idea of broadcasting, even to a quieter audience, because I like what I can accomplish during a broadcast. If I did this alone, or even on a private call with lempamo but not broadcasted out or recorded, I wouldn’t have had this memento of an experience with the broadcast that you or I could watch/rewatch. I don’t think it seems arrogant for me to consider that I appreciate the value of my own time, and if I spend a few hours on a project each day, that that would be what I would like to write about. That’s what I’ve done with basically every broadcast I’ve ever done – write about it that same day, the next day, or write about how I felt about it over the course of a few days/weeks until I’ve realized my hidden thoughts on the matter.

I know my mind keeps going back to my disability, and away from the game.

In part, though, that’s because that’s where my mind really is going forward now. Playing videogames is fun, especially when I can broadcast them, and now that I have a good system in place to lock down the chat to require that new followers be following for one day before they can chat, that limits the abuse potential for people spoiling the game. That means I’m freer to experiment with games I’m unfamiliar with, and broadcasts styles like this, where basically everything I enjoyed throughout the meandry playthrough, I screenshotted and put into the overlay. I’m particularly proud of this because this is the iteration over many months of brainstorming concerning how I want to broadcast stuff while also saving highlights in a way for everyone to share.

I feel like I’m in a transitionary period in multiple phases in my life.

With my health, gender, and broadcasting styles to name but three examples, there are myriad opportunities for growth. This videogame broadcast can be as insignificant or significant as I want it to be and I wanted it to mean something.

For me, this broadcast was a successful experiment in new technique exploration.

Quotes: None.
Sources: My personal experiences.
Inspirations: Writing about my thoughts on the broadcast.
Related: Other Media Meandry essays.
Picture: Overlay, with perhaps some spoilers, but the spoiling element was the story as a whole, rather than visuals and such.
Written On: 2021 August 28 [10:50pm to 11:19pm]
Last Edited: 2021 August 28 [First draft; final draft for the Internet.]


Author: Zombiepaper

My big goal is to write. My important goal is to write "The Story." My proudest moment is the most recent time I overcame a fear, which should have been today.

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