[Downsizing Zeal] No Outlet Hoarding

I still enjoy owning things. I will still buy non-consumables. It’s just now as I drive along my “roads of life,” I no longer take those “pitstops” onto “materialistic side roads.” If I “fill up on gas” “somewhere” and buy “something,” that’s not a big deal. When I go out of my way to buy something ornate and fragile, that’s when I get into hoarding trouble, like if I took home this “No Outlet” sign…

What would I do with this sign, anyways?

That’s a question I never asked in my heights of hoarding, as I took home things endlessly without consideration for why I was buying something, where I would put it, and when I would use it. Now that I’m tracking all of my spendings, I’m better keeping trends of certain purchases. I have a few open columns I hadn’t figured out what to do with until right now: I can track any of those “somethings” I buy “sometimes.”

I still like CDs, LEGOs, books, and some action figures.

As I develop these systems for managing my money, I will start learning the value of buying things efficiently. If an item will bring me multi-faceted joy, uniquely, and continually, why not buy it? It’s just when we buy the things we don’t really care about, that’s when we get into trouble. Maybe it was on sale? Maybe they didn’t have it in the color you wanted?

If only I’d learned this all ten years ago.

I have some possessions I really enjoy that I’ve collected over these past ten years, where I first started having extra money I could spend on extra things. It’s just a matter of finding them again. They are buried under brambles of mediocrity. I’m making good progress downsizing out many things because as I look at objects with eyes that have seen the negativity of hoarding, I am no longer seduced by each objects animism. Inanimate influences induce inert implications.

I would rather own tens of things I enjoy than hundreds I don’t.

That means cutting off the flow of additions while increasing the flow of subtractions. For CDs, it’s becoming easier. If the CD doesn’t mean much to me anymore, it’s gone. I am selling anything worth more than a few cents and donating the rest. Learning that process is similar to what I learned while writing Moving Zeal. If you can’t take it all, get rid of the biggest offenders and box up the most important items first. As that process becomes easier, it’s also easier to assess just how important some of those items actually were…

I kept almost everything because I hoarded CDs.

I looked at a large collection of CDs as a sign of a cultured mind. While true, it’s deceptive. It was like having a bookshelf full of unread books. My outlets now are engaging with these non-consumables and determining if they add value to my life or not.

If they’re like this sign, I leave them.

Quotes: None.
Sources: My personal experiences.
Inspirations: Once I considered the mark of true success to have a home surrounded by curiosities more myriad than the eye could comprehend. At every turn of the eye, at every perspective, there would be something to astound. Now I realize that such a success is not mine to enjoy, not because I don’t have a home for all of that stuff, but because I would rather observe such curiosities from some distance for some time than curate them for a lifetime.
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Photo: A No Outlet sign that someone must have stolen and then discarded in this creek.
Written On: July 2nd [29 minutes, mobile]
Last Edited: July 7th [Other than editing two words’s grammatical structure? First draft; final draft for the Internet.]

Author: Zombiepaper [Anthony]

My big goal is to write. My important goal is to write "The Story." My proudest moment is the most recent time I overcame a fear, which should have been today.

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