[Rowing Machine] 2018: Week 33 {233.0}

How do you keep your head above water? When you’re shoulder-deep in the stresses of life, do you just paddle along and hope to reach shore? Do you reach out to the first available source of help? Rarely are we just suddenly thrown into the murky stress waters that can consume us. We can usually see it coming. The sooner we identify that we’re about to hit those waters, the faster we can get out.

My Daily Stats

Monday 6th
Row: 15 minutes, 37 SPM [strokes per minute], 2:42min/500m [it took me 2:42 minutes to travel 500 meters], 2468 meters. [125 calories burned this set with a pace potential of burning 406 calories per hour.] #rowingmachine For my birthday, I’ll always take the day off and do exactly what I want, more so than most days where I will compromise on some things. This year, I read, relaxed, wrote 6000 words, and decided to do one long set. It was easy since I wasn’t counting my strokes…
Wii Fit: 0 minutes
Push-ups: 2 (full), 3 (at-knee)
Jogs: 30 seconds (stationary), 0 seconds (in-motion)
Bonus: No additional exercise.
Sleep: 7 hours + 6-hour nap

Tuesday 7th
Row #1: 5 minutes, 30.5 SPM, 3:07min/500m, 741 meters, 136 rows. It feels weird transitioning back to counting strokes after, uhh… not. There’s a lack of freedom involved with counting; like you have to remember your count and it forces you to pace yourself, or at least, remember that you should. I like not counting much more.
Row #2: 10 minutes, 32.5 SPM, 2:49min/500m, 1657 meters. I didn’t get much sleep last night, between a hyperactive brain and the heat, so by this evening I was sore, tired, and aching my way through this set. Still, a good effort. No, it was really good, all factors considered. Just hoping I won’t ache terribly tomorrow.
Wii Fit: 2 minutes [Triangle]
Push-ups: 0 (full), 0 (at-knee)
Jogs: 0 seconds (stationary), 0 seconds (in motion)
Bonus: 2 hours of walking, 4-8 hours of walking around the office.
Sleep: 3 hours

Wednesday 8th
Row #1: 4:46 minutes [oops, not 5 minutes], 33.5 SPM, 3:02min/500m, 746 meters, 150 rows. What are your goals? Mine are two-fold: experience as much as life as possible and have the endurance to keep doing as such. Fitness helps because these morning sets prepare me for the day and my evening sets shut down all that should not linger so I can rest well.
Row #2: 5 minutes, 32 SPM, 3:01min/500m, 813 meters. My stomach has been in a knot off and on, so no long set tonight. I’m trying to be more aware of when I have pushed too far, and when I have, to ease off. Go to sleep earlier, eat something good for me, unwind… if I can. If not, try for some and hope for better.
Wii Fit: 4 minutes [Triangle, Half Moon]
Push-ups: 0 (full), 0 (at-knee)
Jogs: 30 seconds (stationary), multiple for 5-10 seconds (in motion)
Bonus: 2 hours of walking, 4-8 hours of walking around the office.
Sleep: 5 hours

Thursday 9th
Row #1: 5 minutes, 32 SPM, 3:01min/500m, 807 meters, 147 rows. My back started hurting decently well around 67 strokes in, and even after taking it easier, it still was a little more than what I typically enjoy feeling from my back – nothing – so I’ll try not to push myself too hard today. No extraneous back breaking at least.
Row #2: 5 minutes, 33 SPM, 2:56min/500m, 847 meters. I was planning to do 10 minutes, but at 2:45, I opened my eyes [since normally, I’ll #row with my eyes closed], begrudgingly saw my time left, kept going, and when, again at 4:46, I checked the time again, I thought, OK, I’m still not back to normal. Better call it.
Wii Fit: 2 minutes [Half Moon]
Push-ups: 0 (full), 0 (at-knee)
Jogs: 30 seconds (stationary), multiple for 5-10 seconds (in motion)
Bonus: 1 hour of walking, 4-8 hours of walking around the office.
Sleep: 6 hours

Friday 10th
Row #1: 5 minutes, 28.5 SPM, 2:51min/500m, 801 meters, 150 rows. I took it slower this morning. Maybe exhaustion is when you’re compulsively cramming more stuff in? One more stroke, one more second. Maybe it’s accepting a blurry shot when a clear shot doesn’t quite matter for the effort required? Good enough is above excellence.
Row #2: 5 minutes, 45 SPM, 1:39min/500m, 1017 meters. The only thing more frustrating than getting near-daily robocalls is the lack of concern from [shitty company] about case AB-C70757687H via email. No empathy, troubleshooting, concern for the customer experience. At least I could vent that frustration rowing.
Wii Fit: 0 minutes
Push-ups: 0 (full), 0 (at-knee)
Jogs: 0 seconds (stationary), 0 seconds (in motion)
Bonus: 1 hour of walking, 4-8 hours of walking around the office.
Sleep: 5 hours

Saturday 11th
Row #1: 4:50 minutes, 29.5 SPM, 3:05min/500m, 760 meters, 150 rows. Tension headaches suck. I don’t feel like doing anything and if not for the external accountability here, [a] general sense of discipline, and willingness to try what it takes to stop the numb pull against my patience and concentration. [That sentence wasn’t great.]
Row #2: 10 minutes, 34 SPM, 2:16min/500m, 1821 meters. The only good thing about having a headache is the relief that comes after having had [a] headache, like everything you had taken for granted, can now be heightened, refined, and executed. If only it was all the former and no latter, but to have both or neither?
Wii Fit: 4 minutes [Triangle, Half Moon]
Push-ups: 0 (full), 0 (at-knee)
Jogs: 0 seconds (stationary), 0 seconds (in motion)
Bonus: 1 hour of organizing and cleaning
Sleep: 6 hours + 5-hour nap

Sunday 12th
Row #1: 5 minutes, 32.5 SPM, 2:32min/5m, 920 meters. Was going to be a longer 10-minute set but was interrupted at 3 minutes in. Added another 2 minutes on to call it good for now. Doing more pushups now, but I should ease in more. Better 10 than 0 today, better 1 than 0 tomorrow.
Row #2: 5 minutes, 30 SPM, 2:44min/500mm, 817 meters. A quick set before bed. I’m practicing holding a tighter grip on the handle. I think this has been a source of lesser stats, but I’ve also been prioritizing leg muscles over arm muscles until recently, so this should help balance things out. Also, longer catches.
Wii Fit: 0 minutes
Push-ups: 0 (full), 10 (at-knee)
Jogs: 0 seconds (stationary), 0 seconds (in motion)
Bonus: 30 minutes of organizing and cleaning
Sleep: 7 hours + 1-hour nap

Stats And Stuff

233.0 pounds: down 1.0 pounds from 234 pounds

(Note: My goal is 1 gallon of water per day. One liter is 0.26417 gallons.)
Monday: 3.7 liters (1.0 gallon) of water, 1.5 liters of coffee
Tuesday: 4.9 liters (1.3 gallons) of water, 1.75 liters of coffee, 1 cup of orange juice
Wednesday: 5.4 liters (1.4 gallons) of water, 1.75 liters of coffee
Thursday: 5.4 liters (1.4 gallons) of water, 1.75 liters of coffee
Friday: 4.9 liters (1.3 gallons) of water, 1.5 liters of coffee
Saturday: 3.7 liters (1.0 gallons) of water, 1.5 liters of coffee
Sunday: 7.8 liters (2.0 gallons) of water, 1.5 liters of coffee

Vitamins14 of 14
(I take: Multivitamin; Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc; Fish Oil; Vitamin C; Vitamin D; and Vitamin E.)

Rowing Machine Maintenance
– Check bolts: yes
– Clean seat: yes
– Lube chain: no

Aspiring Toward Goals

Last Week’s Goals:
Weight  [233.0 pounds]: [succeeded] I succeeded, but not by much. Maybe the problem was I haven’t been drinking enough water? I have a deep, psychological tie between feeling stressed and consuming food to calm me down. If I can reroute that thinking to water, then maybe I can burn off excess weight more efficiently?
Consistency: [succeeded] Kept up with enough of the bonus fitness stuff that I’m OK with giving myself a good score this week. I should try more, though. This gig is not conducive to my overall health in terms of time or sleep. Walking does help, it’s just the accouterment is time sinking.
Health: [failed] I prefer getting over six hours of sleep each night, but this needs to be done, or that needs to happen, and then I’m subsiding on four or five hours of sleep. When I crash on the weekends, that means I didn’t practice enough self-care or respect for my health.

This Week’s Goals:
Weight: No weight gain. Hunger pangs exhibit in two main forms: either the pre-diabetic shakes that necessitate eating something to prevent my mind from going hazy or the mild “I’m kinda bored” sensations that tend to cause me to impulsively eat more than I should. I should reduce those impulsive opportunities…
Consistency: I’ve been brainstorming a new location for my Wii Fit area, which could also double as a fitness area that’s not sitting on concrete, but that’ll require moving more stuff. It needs to happen, but I’d prefer not moving stuff around multiple times: get it out or condense it down.
Health: I’m starting to respect my pre-sleep reminders more often and I am respecting my feelings toward being tired overall. Headaches are a symptom, for me, of pushing my mind too hard. OK, now take it easy, rest, or do the work that needs to be done at a slower pace.

Future Fitness Plans
When I got into fitness in my early 20s, I’d use my frustration as a source of fuel. I can’t do that for rowing, but maybe when I get mad at something, I can try doing a stationary jog, push-ups, or something else to get me in a better mindset?

Random Fitness Topics

From Good to Better
I did that 15-minute set nearly effortlessly. The next morning, I am feeling a little more sore than usual, but nothing terrible, so I think I’ll start doing longer sets again in the evening. Counting my strokes made me focus on my pace rather than meditating in a rowing motion.

Sober Living
What if the key to sobriety is exactly what we want: complete and utter detachment? Except, instead of what ends up happening, which is overindulgence in some kind of pleasure – bad: drugs, alcohol, good: our work – we find detachment in some kind of moderate sensation that doesn’t cause health problems?

Moving Zeal
Sorting through my NES collection might take more work since I want to sort, clean, and test them all. Why not take some easy wins by taking care of the consoles with collections that don’t require selling off much dead weight? Then I can practice maintaining and updating my Backloggery.

Confronting Cortisol Circumstances
One of the most uncomfortable things in life is dealing with ourselves. We are insecure about our successes, quick to point out our failures, and always look for entertaining distractions. When we linger longer through uncomfortable eye contact, mundane work, and these mild stresses, we can overcome more difficult stresses.

Decompressing Disquietudes, Dude
Of course, none of that helps if we can’t listen to ourselves when we’re stressed out. I’ve seen way too many people in my field with terrible physical issues that, though not scientifically proven, can, colloquially, be attributed to stress. How do we fix that? Stop when you need stoppings.

Wii Fit Highlights
The mental barrier that blocked me from consistently doing any Wii Fit stretches recently was my perception of time. Since I’m already halfway there to boot up the console to track my weight, I might just wait for the training mode to load and do an extra stretch or two.

A Nice Outro
Stressful week. I don’t know how to stop the small stuff from escalating and how to prevent the big stuff from taking over. It’s difficult, especially, when my work is so intense at times that I can barely break away to take any breaks. At least I didn’t gain weight.

Quotes: None.
Sources: My fitness experiences.
Inspirations: The “head above water” idiom just popped into my mind near the conclusion of last week’s entry. Also, it’s an easy photo opportunity.
Related: Past weekly column entries.
Above: This photo took too long to stage. Colossus, true to being a metal character, sunk. The other water container was too tall. This one barely showed his head above water, but, I like the light effect.
Below: There are only a handful of stretches I like to do in my current Wii Fit space, because I don’t want to be flopping around on concrete, so I’ve done my favorites a number of times. Usually, I don’t surpass my top 10, so the score doesn’t matter, but it’s nice when I’ll occasionally get into the top 10.
Wii Fit Stats: Weight and BMI
Written On: August 7th, 9th, 11th, 12th
Last Edited: August 12th

Author: Zombiepaper (Anthony)

My big goal is to write. My important goal is to write "The Story." My proudest moment is the most recent time I overcame a fear, which should have been today.

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