[Sammohini Arc] Nothing To Do


Sammohini Lanchester: anything i can help you out with?

Hank Ospfrey: I’m good. Let’s check on Venkat.

Both computer repairers met Venkat is his area near their cube farm.
“Namaste, Venkat.”
“Rokastaar, Suparastaar. How is it going?”
Their team’s veteran swiveled around in his chair.
“Anything we can help you out with, Venkat?”
“Not now. I have no work right now.”
“Doesn’t happen too often, huh, ‘Bhaee’?”
“Does not happen often. Nils is also sick.”


“Hmm… well, hey,” Hank said quietly, “let’s… grab coffee.”

The three quietly left their area, a fashionable arrangement of stern walls standing around six feet in height that divided sterile desks and comfortable chairs except in the former server room that eventually became Venkat’s desk area, via a side exit, and walked out into the fresh air and sunshine.

“Ah, I’m burning…” “Really?!” “Hank is a comedian.”

They chatted along their walk, Hank and Sammohini leading the way with Venkat wandering along behind, to the cafeteria. Hank brought his notebook and pen, explaining, “just in case anyone recognizes us.” “Oh, you mean for, like, autographs?” They all laughed at the friendly ribbing. “Well, if they want help.”

“Couldn’t you just ask them to send an email?”

“‘Bhaee’ here taught me basically everything I know about troubleshootin’ computers, including the notebook idea.” “When I started, we did not have a laptop.” “Oh! Neat! That’s where this’s from! Mine is filling up pretty fast, too! This’s my second one since I started on the Help Desk last year!”

Sammohini offered it over to Hank to read. “Nice!”

“You were right, too, Hank! I don’t tear things out anymore because even if you think you’ve got it down, you never know, and you’re not always around Qbase to go check the documentation. It’s easier, too, to just flip to that page.” “Well, thank Venkat here for that idea.”

Hank returned Sammohini’s notebook. She handed it to Venkat.

“No worries here.” He accepted the notebook, paused, and glanced over it before returning it. “Your handwriting is much better than Hank. Do you write Hindi?” Sammohini blushed a little as she received her notebook. “N-not as well as I should. Samuel can’t pick up Hindi, so I… don’t practice.”

“No, it’s fine.” “No worries, Veda says I’m terrible.”

They arrived at the cafeteria of Eville Medical to order their coffees. Sitting in one of the obscured booths in the back, they continued their conversation. Upon their return, they’d realized about one and a half hours had passed. No new tickets had arrived in the queue. Management left early.

“Guess it’s cleanin’ time.” “Oh! I’ll get the cleaners!”

What would usually be a late afternoon rush to complete everything before leaving for the day turned into a nice, relaxing bout of completing old incomplete projects, re-arranging, and finding lost items buried under mountains of unfinished work. There was even enough time to check in on the Help Desk.

One was napping in the corner. Another watching videos. The third wrote documentation.

Quotes: None
Sources: My professional experience. Google Translate helped with Venkat’s lines.
Inspirations: While I was all caught up with work one afternoon, I thought about what I’d do in similar past experiences, and then wrote about what Sammohini and her colleagues would do to remain somewhat productive later that evening.
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Photo: Nice, calm skyspace.
Written On: July 2nd [1 hour]
Last Edited: July 13th [1 hour]

Author: Zombiepaper (Anthony)

My big goal is to write. My important goal is to write "The Story." My proudest moment is the most recent time I overcame a fear, which should have been today.

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