[Sober Living] Concerts Are Risky

WAC 314.11.015 3(g) often causes me to choose reclusion. I am fed up with this! “Employees may not…” “Permit any person consuming, or who has consumed within the licensed premises, any type of marijuana, usable marijuana, or marijuana-infused products to remain on any part of the licensed premises.” While concerts are the riskiest, I’ve smelled cannabis in libraries, restaurants, buses, and everywhere in downtown Seattle. My safest route to avoid imposed psychosis is to stay home.

This came up recently when I skipped a concert.

I bought the ticket months ago for a band I’ve known about for 17 years. The day approached and I skipped it. I wasted my money because I can’t trust my mind to employees that don’t care. More than half of the concerts I’ve ever attended have had problems with cannabis. All Seattle venues over 500-patron neglect their accountability.

Why am I in the wrong when I try to breathe clean air?

It’s easier just to tolerate the forced psychoses. Sometimes the dizziness just lasts a few minutes. At the White River Amphitheater in 2013, I asked someone to blow their smoke up, and instead he blew the smoke into my face. The colors were much much more vivid for hours. I debated for weeks whether or not that broke my cannabis sobriety. (Didn’t…)

Many King County Library System libraries are worse for their accountability.

Even just walking through their libraries is dangerous for me. After the events in “Libraries Altering Minds,” I left that situation dizzy for a few hours, then pissed off. There are never any security officers. The library staff are too lazy to help law-abiding patrons in enforcing even their own rules, let alone Washington state laws!

Restaurants don’t care. “That’s weed, isn’t it?” “Yeah.”

You can’t prevent someone from riding the bus that has bad body odor. Or carrying cannabis. My mind calls it quits every time someone carrying cannabis boards a bus. It’s frustrating when I am trying my hardest to work toward bettering myself and then it’s like Washington state laws just actively kill that part of me.

So why risk it? Why expose myself to unnecessary risk?

I have no problem with people consuming cannabis. Smoke whatever want in private. This isn’t a matter of me walking into a smoking shelter and getting mad at everyone, either. This is me walking through downtown Seattle on the way to work and having to worry about whether my mind will fracture slightly that day.

No one in Seattle law enforcement cares.

After seeing enough mediocre bands in the last few months, I’ve decided that I will only risk going to a concert if I know the band will be worth any risk and I know the likelihood that patrons smoking cannabis during the set will be low. Daikaiju played at smaller venues, where you can’t get away with it, so I knew it was safe.

Otherwise, I can’t allow my brain to be forcibly compromised by others.

I have work to do.

Author: Zombiepaper (Anthony)

My big goal is to write. My important goal is to write "The Story." My proudest moment is the most recent time I overcame a fear, which should have been today.

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